Giro Della Donna 2016

Date: 27.11.2016   Distance: 107 km Cycling

It was my first medio Fondo and I was very excited about it though I was less excited to wake up at 4:15am. I left Melbourne just before 5am and weather wasn’t looking good but once in Warburton the sun came out.

There were about 750 cyclists that rode the “Giro della Donna” on Sunday. The first 20km were very easy, I rolled with the peloton while admiring the stunning forest around me.

The funny part arrived just after when I realised that I had to climb over 1000m of elevation for 20km (the Reefton Spur). While the road was definitely “up”, it was not difficult to get into a comfortable pace and just take in the surrounding.

An hour later I was in Marysville and, instead stopping for a good refreshment, I decided to keep going. I then met a nice group of four with whom I rolled for about 35 km and lost the group as soon as arrived at the Acheron way, a dirt road of about 13km. Yes, the course included about 13 km of beautiful gravel (uphill) and a flat tyre on gravel was obviously a must.

Until then I was riding with the expectation that I’d need to save some energy for the last ascent of Mount Donna Buang. While I was still enjoying my ride, my legs had a different opinion and the last 2km of Donna Buang were really tough.

Overall it was a great experience….my vote is 10/10.

It is so stunning up there that I want to go back and ride those roads again and maybe include an extra climb, the Lake Mountain climb.


Giro della Donna: 107km|2800m elevation| amazing nature| highly recommended ride.


Simona Infantino4:28:09