Gatorade Race 2 St Kilda Results

Date: 08.01.2017   Distance: Sprint, Olympic

On a hot January morning BCB Multisport had 13 athletes at Catani Gardens in St Kilda, ready for race 2 in the Gatorade Triathlon series 2016/2017. Preparation for the race began under the large BCB Marquee that had been set up the day before by Ashleigh and her crew. With the water pollution given a “good” rating after some heavy storms over xmas and the mercury set to rise, BCB triathletes were cautiously awaiting the starting gun.

The water was surprisingly calm, of average smellyness and vision relatively good. All BCBers got through the swim without any issues and wound their way from the beach and through the the maze-like transition barriers to arrive at their bikes. Like all Gatorade races, the hundreds upon hundreds of bikes lined up in transition means that you must make sure you have carefully memorised which row number your bike is located for fear of not even making it onto the bike course! Phew, I remembered mine. Row 7, left hand side, orange towel.

The bike course started with a lovely tail wind for the first segment of the bike course, which I’m sure had many feeling pretty confident about their bike time. Cruising down to the Elwood turn around averaging anywhere between 40-45km/h. Then BANG! The hectic wall of wind. HEAD WIND. All the way back to the Kerford road turn around in Middle park. For the Sprint guys this meant two laps of these polarising conditions and 3 for those completing the Olympic course.

Getting onto the run, whilst it was relatively early in the day, it was already much hotter then expected. And going through the first few kilometres I kept thinking how thankful I was that I was doing only 5km and not 10! A bit of pain at the start as the bike legs were trying to recover, reaching the turn-around and then with only 1.5 km to go it was almost over.

First tri of 2017 done and a strong contingent of triathletes from BCB.

Special mentions to Colin Davis who came 2nd AG50-54, Adrian Verdnik 5th AG40-44, Sarah Park 7th AG25-29, Jeremy Baker 7th AG25-29, Michael Dawson 7th AG55-59, Samuel Adam 7th CLYDSDALE

Great work from all #forceinthenorth

CompetitorTimeCategoryCateogory PositionGender PositionSwim T1BikeT2Run
Colin Davis1:17:19.4Sprint Male 50-542200:09:13.60:02:04.00:42:55.6 0:01:31.2 0:21:34.8
Adrian Verdnik 1:18:39.2Sprint Male 40-445550:10:25.3 0:02:59.40:41:22.7 0:01:32.8 0:22:18.6
Jeremy Baker 1:24:19.0Sprint Male 25-29796 0:10:34.9 0:02:19.1 0:47:21.7 0:01:11.5 0:22:51.7
Louise Organ 1:43:46.0Sprint Female 25-2915109 0:15:19.3 0:03:34.8 0:55:57.8 0:02:03.8 0:26:50.1
Sarah Park 1:32:29.0Sprint Female 25-29756 0:11:39.8 0:02:47.5 0:52:53.3 0:01:35.2 0:23:32.9
Cody Allison 1:16:36.0Sprint Male 30-34843 0:10:17.8 0:02:08.9 0:41:47.2 0:01:29.8 0:20:52.1
Ho Wah Ng 1:43:42.4Sprint Male 30-3434317 0:14:44.6 0:03:52.6 0:53:05.4 0:01:48.4 0:30:11.2
Duncan Whitford 1:23:55.6Sprint Male 35-391390 0:12:54.3 0:02:20.4 0:44:46.8 0:01:35.4 0:22:18.5
Juliet Forsyth 1:31:30.0Sprint Female 40-44951 0:13:05.8 0:02:38.8 0:49:52.6 0:02:50.5 0:23:02.0
Andrew Pappas 1:33:16.8Sprint Male 50-5410192 0:15:37.4 0:00:00.0 0:51:03.3 0:02:05.8 0:24:30.1
Michael Dawson 1:33:03.4Sprint Male 55-597186 0:11:40.6 0:03:12.2 0:48:39.20:02:19.3 0:27:11.9
Samuel Adam 1:35:18.0Sprint Male Clydesdale7214 0:13:24.8 0:02:27.2 0:48:17.5 0:02:02.0 0:29:06.3
Chris Leat 2:30:45.3Olympic Male 35-391158 0:29:33.3 0:02:01.9 1:07:48.6 0:02:01.5 0:49:19.8