Gatorade Race 1 Elwood

Date: 27.11.2016   Distance: Mini, Sprint

The first race of the Gatorade Series saw a good contingent of club members have their first hit out of the season down at Elwood. Unfortunately Melbourne’s weather did not turn up, leaving all to brave some pretty wet and cold conditions.

The day started in a similar way to most season openers in November with members huddled in the warmest clothes they could find discussing all the reasons why that winter training didn’t quite go to plan. Once that was out the way the race could start. Swim conditions were ok with the water temperature slowly increasing and conditions not as rough as we’d seen in recent times, although still a little choppy.

Into T1, and after starting the day observing how the Elites do it, unfortunately no one could match their sub 2 minutes times (some serious wet suit removing skills there!) however as quick as they would go, wetsuits were off and the bike leg started. Although whilst the wintery weather meant light rain for most of the morning resulting in slippery road conditions the bike course remained relatively uneventful with most taking corners with a little more ease than normal. After completing the bike course and getting through T2 the run leg began and ended concluding the first Gatorade Series Race for the season.


Great turn out by BCB members with 10 people racing across both the Fun and Sprint distances with some happy and some not so happy with their results but all in all a great effort by everyone. We now look forward to Gatorade Series Race 2 in January with some more Summer training under our belts and hopefully not too much Christmas dinner!

CompetitorTimeCategoryCateogory PositionOverall PositionSwim T1BikeT2Run
Elyse Schweitzer0:29:46.5Mini Female 18-293200:04:28.1 0:01:35.10:15:50.50:00:54.80:06:57.8
Mark Costello 1:09:50.9Sprint Male 55-5941370:09:21.9 0:02:52.80:34:48.00:01:39.30:21:08.8
Cody Allison 1:05:03.4Sprint Male 30-3413640:07:34.20:02:53.50:33:09.4 0:01:30.50:19:55.5
Christoph Grohmann1:15:35.7Sprint Male 30-34502700:10:10.60:03:43.10:37:59.70:01:29.90:22:12.1
Chris Leat1:07:40.6Sprint Male 35-3910970:09:58.9 0:02:32.0 0:33:33.30:01:23.50:20:12.7
Andrew Pappas 1:14:45.4Sprint Male 50-54222500:10:02.90:03:35.9 0:36:55.10:02:07.90:22:03.4
Michael Dawson1:14:16.7Sprint Male 55-5982420:09:36.70:03:46.40:36:49.0 0:02:16.30:21:48.1
Samuel Adam1:21:14.9Sprint Clydesdale84460:11:02.3 0:02:50.70:38:28.00:01:42.80:27:10.9
Luke Barbagallo1:15:42.2Sprint Male 25-29272740:08:51.70:02:58.0 0:38:11.50:01:37.00:24:03.7
Ashleigh Whiteside0:40:00.2Mini Female 25-29201050:06:27.30:02:23.00:16:58.10:02:18.70:11:52.9