Active Tri Race 3 Elwood Results

Date: 15.01.2017   Distance: Mini, Sprint Enduro

In stark contrast to the warm conditions at Gatorade Race 2 just a week earlier, it was back a to a typical chilly Melbourne morning for Race 3 of the Sole Motive Active Triathlon Series.

This was my first time participating in an event outside of the Gatorade series and with needing to find my way around, sign up and check my bike into transition within 20 minutes, stress levels were a little higher than normal. With registration forms filled out, race kit collected and bike checked in and set up, I was nearly ready to go. Without the usual comforts of the BCB Marquee and crew, I waited in line for race numbing and then found a nice patch of grass to do my last minute stretches and preparation.

Race start for the first event of the day, the mini distance, was slightly delayed after Elwood lifesavers had a bit of a sleep in and hadn’t quite set up the course. The race announcer was trying to do her best to keep nerves in check during the delay however mentioning the recent shark sightings in the bay probably wasn’t the best tactic…

Swim was a bit rough with quite choppy conditions (for Elwood at least) combined with next to no water visibility. After coping a few waves and swallowing a decent amount of water (hopefully the earlier gastro concerns were well and truly gone!) the first part was done and onto the bike. Bike was good with the standard race conditions of brilliant tailwind following by turning that corner into a wall of headwind. The short distance meant it was over pretty quick regardless and onto a pretty straight forward run leg with the race being done and dusted before 8am. Just in time to watch our other BCB athletes compete in the next event of the day… The Enduro Sprint.

Now over to another of our BCB Athletes, Andrew, for his experience of this unique format:

There was quite a large start of the AG 50 plus everybody else wave! Distance: Sprint Enduro -250m Swim, 10km bike, 2.5km run x 2. I started somewhere mid pack, sans wetsuit. I thought what I would gain in buoyancy, I would lose in transition. From the start line a 250m swim looks so short. Water was warm but very weedy I felt ok after the swim ready for the bike, conditions were good, cool, cloudy and a little wind, but nothing to worry about. Run was good held a steady pace, not too hard as I knew I had to do all of this again! Second swim was way more comfortable as no crowd meant less stress and I could relax into it. Back for the second bike and run leg and as I headed down the chute I saw Ashleigh ready to take a photo. I put on my best struggle face 🙂

All in all another great day out for our BCB athletes including another fantastic podium finish for Colin Davis!

Written By Ashleigh Whiteside and Andrew Pappas
Photos by BCB Team members and Official Race Photographer REL Photography (

 TimeCat.Pos.Swim 1T1-1Bike 1T2-1Run 1T3-1Swim 2T1-2Bike 2T2-2Run 2
Colin Davis1:08:16Enduro Sprint Male 50-5433:341:1016:451:0810:071:584:091:0616:521:0610:09
Anthony Cuzzupe1:09:28Enduro Sprint Male 40-4463:541:2716:471:1710:152:024:061:1017:131:139:58
Andrew Pappas1:19:40Enduro Sprint Male 50-54165:251:4318:261:4311:042:365:451:3618:491:3510:53
Ashleigh Whiteside1:01:45Mini Female 18-292311:053:2724:282:0820:34