2XU Race 3 Results St Kilda

Date: 04.01.2018   Distance: Sprint, Olympic

Sunday 14th January 5AM – 2XUTri : “Due to poor water quality the swim leg has been replaced by a run…”

The only small saving grace? It was not a beach run but rather a path run, slightly better. The first leg for the Sprint distance was now a 3.5km loop towards the city and 2 laps for Olympic distance making a 7km run.

For myself this was pretty much worst case scenario. As someone who proudly walks 95% of the run leg (slowly improving on this) in all my events, a double run leg was not ideal to say the least.

However I was going into this race with a slightly different aim to usual. After an up and down 6 months to end 2017, I came to the realization, that I’d lost, that normally highly contagious, Triathlon bug. I quickly realized I had two options, quit the sport or get the bug back. With the decision made, I’s signed up for Race 3 that day which was to take place later that week and the aim was simple – catch the bug again!

Everyone lined up at the ‘Swim Start’  and after a few jokes with fellow competitors and a look at the ominous dark clouds above us we were off. Whilst intending to walk the majority as usual, I still started off in a jog and kept up with a few athletes in my wave for the first couple of hundred meters and then I felt this not so nice sting in my Achilles. Uh Oh, not a good start just 1 minute and 45 seconds into the race. So straight to walking it was. I tried a couple of other small jogs but my ankle did not want to cooperate.

Heading into T1, I was about to call it done, my foot was not doing well and I just had the letters DNF going through my mind, until I saw an old work college of mine on the sidelines cheering me on! She was there watching her partner race but saw me and cheered me on as well. She walked the length of Cantini gardens with me and on I went into T1 ready to continue on!

The bike was a pretty standard St Kilda bike leg. Horrible wind conditions, bit of rain, strong tailwind, worse headwind. Repeat for 2 laps. Finish.

Heading into T2 my friend from earlier was back again cheering me on (with her partner now finished and by her side) which gave me that little bit of encouragement I needed to head on to the final run leg. After some significantly cramping in T2 which delayed my ability to put my runners on (but was probably quite entertaining for spectators) I was out on the ‘run’, and boy was it going to be a slow one.

I tried to take the Tri-Kids turn to the finish line after 500m but the officials somehow picked up on the fact that I was a bit too old for that, so onto the 5km loop it was. And it was a slow loop at that, any slower I’d have been going backwards. But I figured one foot in front of the other and eventually I’d have to get to the end of the 5km.

And I did, after 1 hour and 2 minutes I finished the final run leg and crossed the finish line in a total time of 2 hours and 56 minutes in 664th spot (out of 664 if you were wondering).

So probably doesn’t sound like the greatest of days out – but it actually was. I caught the bug and I loved it, problems and all.

The pats on the back from numerous strangers on the course, our fellow BCB athletes,  the cheers from the volunteers and the crowd, the chance to push you mind and body past where it thinks it can go, the good, the bad and the ugly all come together and we are hooked.

Massive shout out to fellow club members, Adrian and Luke who stuck around for more than an hour after they had finished (both in 1st place!) and cheered me on through the finishers shoot as well as making sure I was OK when I has a bit of a moment post race.

Written By Ashleigh Whiteside

Photos by Ashleigh Whiteside and Official Race Photographer – Raceatlas

Competitor TimeCategoryCategory Pos.Gender Pos.RunT1BikeT2Run
Adrian Verdnik 2:19:04.7Olympic Male 45-49136 0:27:17.7 0:01:48.0 1:03:04.4 0:02:03.8 0:44:50.7
Brendon Dunn 3:12:54.4Olympic Male Open16255 0:39:52.6 0:00:00.0 1:21:15.3 0:03:29.2 1:07:58.2
Brunny Beasts
(Luke Host)
1:07:15.5Olympic Teams11 0:28:16.8 0:01:34.3 1:03:59.5 0:01:58.7 0:44:04.1
Ashleigh Whiteside 2:56:54.1Sprint Athena7221 0:33:58.4 0:00:00.0 1:16:09.0 0:04:13.0 1:02:33.4
Ho Wah Ng 1:34:11.5Sprint Male 30-3426218 0:16:10.9 0:02:34.8 0:46:43.9 0:01:47.2 0:26:54.6
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Gatorade Race 3 Results Elwood

Date: 05.02.2017   Distance: Fun, Sprint

Celebrating Big Wins and Small Wins

With 13 triathletes in a field of over 2300 it is easy to be intimidated by the disc wheels, aero helmets and bikes that are worth more than Liberia’s GDP. But the team at BCB Multisport had a day of celebrating wins both big and small at the third race of the Gatorade Triathlon Series down at Elwood (with and without the sexy gear).

Small win #1: We noticed that the marquee was backwards BEFORE we left on Saturday afternoon, so no one was any the wiser bright and early Sunday morning.

Big Win #1: Louise swam her longest ever open water swim in the sprint distance –750m – she came out of the water smiling and ready to attack the next two legs. A huge achievement for someone who only began swimming in the ocean a couple of months ago.

Small Win #2: Adrian may not have been ‘feeling it’ on the day, but he still came in an incredible eighth place and wouldn’t have blown out a candle on the finish line (sources tell us one of his clients was in his wave… yet to be confirmed whether he let him win).

Big Win #2: Colin made the podium in his category yet again – and was first out of the water. He was also the fastest in both his transitions, so we’ve all made a note to ask him his secret…

Small Win #3: Sarah fulfilled her goal of not falling over when removing her wetsuit (though it did take her about two minutes, perhaps she needs to take a leaf out of Colin’s book).

Big Win #3: Ashleigh ran a massive 3:30 PB in her 3km run during the Active Feet Triathlon, an amazing achievement!

Small Win #4: With no rain in the week leading up to the tri the bay was blissfully poo free, making for excellent swimming conditions (and no threat of a run-ride-run)

Big Win #4: Ho Wah smashed his previous Gatorade Tri run time in the 5km sprint distance.

Great work from all #forceinthenorth

Written by Sarah Park

CompetitorTimeCategoryCateogory PositionGender PositionSwim T1BikeT2Run
Colin Davis 1:07:15.5Sprint Male 50-54349 0:10:08.7 0:02:12.0 0:32:50.4 0:01:13.3 0:20:50.1
Adrian Verdnik 1:08:12.3Sprint Male 40-44860 0:11:19.1 0:02:50.9 0:32:01.2 0:01:36.6 0:20:24.3
Jeremy Baker 1:09:54.4Sprint Male 25-29984 0:11:09.1 0:02:15.0 0:33:58.6 0:01:32.4 0:20:59.2
Louise Organ 1:32:06.2Sprint Female 25-2925190 0:18:09.3 0:04:28.2 0:43:02.0 0:02:07.0 0:24:19.5
Sarah Park 1:17:21.4Sprint Female 25-29547 0:12:54.8 0:02:50.5 0:38:41.2 0:01:21.4 0:21:33.4
Ho Wah Ng 1:24:37.7Sprint Male 30-3468456 0:16:46.8 0:03:46.8 0:37:36.1 0:01:51.8 0:24:36.0
Duncan Whitford 1:14:06.0Sprint Male 35-3920168 0:14:14.3 0:02:50.1 0:34:00.9 0:01:30.9 0:21:29.6
Andrew Pappas 1:19:02.4Sprint Male 50-5422301 0:13:24.5 0:03:12.5 0:38:10.1 0:01:39.6 0:22:35.4
Michael Dawson 1:16:16.4Sprint Male 55-599223 0:12:06.8 0:03:13.9 0:36:27.2 0:01:33.5 0:22:54.7
Mark Costello 1:12:44.5Sprint Male 55-594133 0:12:44.1 0:02:37.5 0:34:21.0 0:01:32.0 0:21:29.8
Anthony Cuzzupe 1:06:32.4Sprint Male 40-44542 0:09:56.7 0:02:35.3 0:32:07.5 0:01:16.7 0:20:36.0
Bien Genato 1:33:21:3Sprint Family & Friends20206 0:16:52.3 0:03:52.5 0:41:07.1 0:02:32.2 0:28:56.4
Elyse Schweitzer 0:52:12.0Fun Female 18-291166 0:04:40.7 0:02:38.3 0:23:12.6 0:00:55.4 0:18:44.8
Ashleigh Whiteside 1:04:54.9Fun Female 18-2927176 0:06:19.1 0:05:33.7 0:23:52.5 0:02:21.3 0:26:48.1
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Active Tri Race 3 Elwood Results

Date: 15.01.2017   Distance: Mini, Sprint Enduro

In stark contrast to the warm conditions at Gatorade Race 2 just a week earlier, it was back a to a typical chilly Melbourne morning for Race 3 of the Sole Motive Active Triathlon Series.

This was my first time participating in an event outside of the Gatorade series and with needing to find my way around, sign up and check my bike into transition within 20 minutes, stress levels were a little higher than normal. With registration forms filled out, race kit collected and bike checked in and set up, I was nearly ready to go. Without the usual comforts of the BCB Marquee and crew, I waited in line for race numbing and then found a nice patch of grass to do my last minute stretches and preparation.

Race start for the first event of the day, the mini distance, was slightly delayed after Elwood lifesavers had a bit of a sleep in and hadn’t quite set up the course. The race announcer was trying to do her best to keep nerves in check during the delay however mentioning the recent shark sightings in the bay probably wasn’t the best tactic…

Swim was a bit rough with quite choppy conditions (for Elwood at least) combined with next to no water visibility. After coping a few waves and swallowing a decent amount of water (hopefully the earlier gastro concerns were well and truly gone!) the first part was done and onto the bike. Bike was good with the standard race conditions of brilliant tailwind following by turning that corner into a wall of headwind. The short distance meant it was over pretty quick regardless and onto a pretty straight forward run leg with the race being done and dusted before 8am. Just in time to watch our other BCB athletes compete in the next event of the day… The Enduro Sprint.

Now over to another of our BCB Athletes, Andrew, for his experience of this unique format:

There was quite a large start of the AG 50 plus everybody else wave! Distance: Sprint Enduro -250m Swim, 10km bike, 2.5km run x 2. I started somewhere mid pack, sans wetsuit. I thought what I would gain in buoyancy, I would lose in transition. From the start line a 250m swim looks so short. Water was warm but very weedy I felt ok after the swim ready for the bike, conditions were good, cool, cloudy and a little wind, but nothing to worry about. Run was good held a steady pace, not too hard as I knew I had to do all of this again! Second swim was way more comfortable as no crowd meant less stress and I could relax into it. Back for the second bike and run leg and as I headed down the chute I saw Ashleigh ready to take a photo. I put on my best struggle face 🙂

All in all another great day out for our BCB athletes including another fantastic podium finish for Colin Davis!

Written By Ashleigh Whiteside and Andrew Pappas
Photos by BCB Team members and Official Race Photographer REL Photography (

 TimeCat.Pos.Swim 1T1-1Bike 1T2-1Run 1T3-1Swim 2T1-2Bike 2T2-2Run 2
Colin Davis1:08:16Enduro Sprint Male 50-5433:341:1016:451:0810:071:584:091:0616:521:0610:09
Anthony Cuzzupe1:09:28Enduro Sprint Male 40-4463:541:2716:471:1710:152:024:061:1017:131:139:58
Andrew Pappas1:19:40Enduro Sprint Male 50-54165:251:4318:261:4311:042:365:451:3618:491:3510:53
Ashleigh Whiteside1:01:45Mini Female 18-292311:053:2724:282:0820:34
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Gatorade Race 2 St Kilda Results

Date: 08.01.2017   Distance: Sprint, Olympic

On a hot January morning BCB Multisport had 13 athletes at Catani Gardens in St Kilda, ready for race 2 in the Gatorade Triathlon series 2016/2017. Preparation for the race began under the large BCB Marquee that had been set up the day before by Ashleigh and her crew. With the water pollution given a “good” rating after some heavy storms over xmas and the mercury set to rise, BCB triathletes were cautiously awaiting the starting gun.

The water was surprisingly calm, of average smellyness and vision relatively good. All BCBers got through the swim without any issues and wound their way from the beach and through the the maze-like transition barriers to arrive at their bikes. Like all Gatorade races, the hundreds upon hundreds of bikes lined up in transition means that you must make sure you have carefully memorised which row number your bike is located for fear of not even making it onto the bike course! Phew, I remembered mine. Row 7, left hand side, orange towel.

The bike course started with a lovely tail wind for the first segment of the bike course, which I’m sure had many feeling pretty confident about their bike time. Cruising down to the Elwood turn around averaging anywhere between 40-45km/h. Then BANG! The hectic wall of wind. HEAD WIND. All the way back to the Kerford road turn around in Middle park. For the Sprint guys this meant two laps of these polarising conditions and 3 for those completing the Olympic course.

Getting onto the run, whilst it was relatively early in the day, it was already much hotter then expected. And going through the first few kilometres I kept thinking how thankful I was that I was doing only 5km and not 10! A bit of pain at the start as the bike legs were trying to recover, reaching the turn-around and then with only 1.5 km to go it was almost over.

First tri of 2017 done and a strong contingent of triathletes from BCB.

Special mentions to Colin Davis who came 2nd AG50-54, Adrian Verdnik 5th AG40-44, Sarah Park 7th AG25-29, Jeremy Baker 7th AG25-29, Michael Dawson 7th AG55-59, Samuel Adam 7th CLYDSDALE

Great work from all #forceinthenorth

CompetitorTimeCategoryCateogory PositionGender PositionSwim T1BikeT2Run
Colin Davis1:17:19.4Sprint Male 50-542200:09:13.60:02:04.00:42:55.6 0:01:31.2 0:21:34.8
Adrian Verdnik 1:18:39.2Sprint Male 40-445550:10:25.3 0:02:59.40:41:22.7 0:01:32.8 0:22:18.6
Jeremy Baker 1:24:19.0Sprint Male 25-29796 0:10:34.9 0:02:19.1 0:47:21.7 0:01:11.5 0:22:51.7
Louise Organ 1:43:46.0Sprint Female 25-2915109 0:15:19.3 0:03:34.8 0:55:57.8 0:02:03.8 0:26:50.1
Sarah Park 1:32:29.0Sprint Female 25-29756 0:11:39.8 0:02:47.5 0:52:53.3 0:01:35.2 0:23:32.9
Cody Allison 1:16:36.0Sprint Male 30-34843 0:10:17.8 0:02:08.9 0:41:47.2 0:01:29.8 0:20:52.1
Ho Wah Ng 1:43:42.4Sprint Male 30-3434317 0:14:44.6 0:03:52.6 0:53:05.4 0:01:48.4 0:30:11.2
Duncan Whitford 1:23:55.6Sprint Male 35-391390 0:12:54.3 0:02:20.4 0:44:46.8 0:01:35.4 0:22:18.5
Juliet Forsyth 1:31:30.0Sprint Female 40-44951 0:13:05.8 0:02:38.8 0:49:52.6 0:02:50.5 0:23:02.0
Andrew Pappas 1:33:16.8Sprint Male 50-5410192 0:15:37.4 0:00:00.0 0:51:03.3 0:02:05.8 0:24:30.1
Michael Dawson 1:33:03.4Sprint Male 55-597186 0:11:40.6 0:03:12.2 0:48:39.20:02:19.3 0:27:11.9
Samuel Adam 1:35:18.0Sprint Male Clydesdale7214 0:13:24.8 0:02:27.2 0:48:17.5 0:02:02.0 0:29:06.3
Chris Leat 2:30:45.3Olympic Male 35-391158 0:29:33.3 0:02:01.9 1:07:48.6 0:02:01.5 0:49:19.8
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Results from Ironman 70.3 Ballarat

Date: 11.12.2016   Distance: 70.3 (Half-iron)

Having competed in our first 70.3 in Hawaii 6 months ago, Simon and I approached our second half-ironman in Ballarat with trepidation, but also a touch of confidence. Surely it couldn’t be that bad again, right? We had built Hawaii up in our head as an epic test of endurance, and it certainly delivered. Scorching heat, downpours, more sun, steaming humidity, flat tyres (on a decidedly UNFLAT course), dehydration and vomit. Friends and family who heard the tales of Hawaii were perplexed as to why we would ever put ourselves through another 70.3. They also made it clear that they’d be less sympathetic next time around.


Despite the demons of Hawaii, the lead up to Ballarat was much more relaxed (probably a little too relaxed as far as training was concerned). Although I’d made more of an effort to put in some more 20k+ training runs, the long training rides were few and far between. A week out from Ballarat in my undeserved “taper” week I obsessively updated wind and temperature forecasts and was delighted that the it seemed to settle on 22 degrees and 10km/h max winds. Surely that’s as good a forecast as you can get!


The night before, Simona (our one woman support crew), Simon and I destroyed cheese platters, steak and wine – probably not ideal pre-race nutrition, but after finishing Hawaii and seeing the Ballarat race forecast, we got a bit cocky. Race morning was COLD for a summer morning (5 degrees), which we were a bit unprepared for. What began as a pretty organized race morning preparation quickly turned into silent panic, as we struggled to find the venue without being re-routed by road closures. We made it into transition with 3 minutes to spare – not ideal, but just enough to get the tyres pumped up.


The elite men’s and women’s waves were started by traditional Sovereign Hill soldiers firing muskets, which made for a pretty cool atmosphere. The freshwater Lake Wendouree was a chilly 16 degrees but looked surprisingly tranquil and inviting, despite the name deriving from the Aboriginal word, wendaaree, which ironically means “go away”. There were a few parts during the swim course where your arms had to pull through the underwater reeds, probably a bit unsettling for people spooked by the open(ish) water. All in all, the swim and T1 were pretty uneventful, and the setup meant that even unpolished athletes could get through T1 and T2 in less than 2 minutes.


As is always the case, feeling the wind on your bike always makes it seem stronger than what it is – in this case though, the wind was officially up to 25km/h DESPITE my weather apps projection. I want a refund. It made the 22k outbound leg a dream, holding 45km/h easily… the return ride into the head wind saw us struggling at 30km/h. Although it all evened out I’m sure, the final 22k slog into the headwind was pretty brutal. There were a few parts of the course on cracked bitument under a heavily shading canopy, which provided a few stressful moments worrying about an imminent puncture. Mercifully, unlike in Hawaii, both Simon and myself made it through the ride without a flat.


The run leg was 3 laps of Lake Wendouree, by which point it was 20 degrees with a moderate wind, and quite pleasant. I found creating mental milestones to be very helpful on the run. First lap… half way… final lap… 5km… last k. My feet had gone numb on the bike, which was a bit annoying during the first 7km of the run but then the feeling returned. At that point my feet starting hurting though and I began longing for numb feet again. The lead female pro slowly overtook me at one point with an official on a bike lagging behind with a sign announcing her position. I managed to stay with the official for a while, and realized people thought I was the lead female for about 300m until they pulled farther away. It was a thrilling 30 seconds pretending to be a winner.


All in all, the run felt great though and was over pretty quickly. I was about 48 minutes quicker than Hawaii, which is pretty ridiculous but a combination of factors can do that. It was about 10 degrees cooler in Ballarat, plus the lack of humidity, and lack of a flat tyre. I think there is a lot to be said though about being relaxed for a race, and having some experience mentally with other races under your belt. The long training runs were a big help too. Looking forward to Geelong 70.3 in Feb, though I still can’t stomach the thought of a full ironman – the marathon at the end just seems ridiculous. 42KM! AS IF! But you never know…


Written by Cody Allison

Photos by Simona Infantino

CompetitorTimeCategoryCateogory PositionOverall PositionSwim T1BikeT2Run
Cody Allison04:36:54M 30-34189300:26:3600:01:4902:29:0300:01:3301:37:53
Simon Preston04:31:47
M 25-29106700:32:53
Michael Dawson05:29:21
M 55-59941500:31:55
Yashwant Rathi05:33:26
M 30-345844000:31:27
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