Q. What does BCB Multisport membership cost?
A. $55 adult / $25 under 18, per annum.

Q. How much does it cost to access Brunswick Baths once I join?
A. Access to all facilities and all group fitness sessions discounted BCB Multisport rate $32.13 per fortnight (regular price is $38.95 per fortnight)
10 visit Brunswick Baths pass, including access to all group fitness sessions  discounted BCB Multisport rate $53.30  (regular price $113.05)
20 visit Brunswick Baths pass, including access to all group fitness sessions discounted BCB Multisport rate $100.30  (regular price $212.80)

Q. Why should I become a member of Triathlon Victoria Association?
A. Discounts on entry to race days and access to insurance for both individual training and training sessions run exclusively for BCB Multisport Club members.

Q. I have a Triathlon Victoria Non-Club membership, but I want to join your Club. What do I do?
A. Contact Alex at Triathlon Victoria (membership@trivic.org.au).  Alex will transfer your Triathlon Victoria membership to a ‘Club’ member, which will allow you to follow the process outlined to join our Club.

Q. I am already a member of another club and the Triathlon Victoria Association but I want to become a BCB Multisport member – how do I do this?
A. Essentially, you need to join as if you are a new member.   Head to the Triathlon Victoria website and click on New members: Join now.  Use the email address that you have already used for your existing Association membership.  As you go through the process it will recognise that you are already a member and will only charge you the BCB Multisport Club fee.

Q. What are the benefits of the BCB Multisport Club ?
Please visit the membership section to learn more.

Q. How do I get in touch with somebody from the club ?
A. Please email us at info@bcbmultisport.com.test or go to the contact us section of this site.

Q. What are the training sessions that I can go to ?
A. Specific BCB Multisport sessions are detailed on our website but there are also many other RPM and Group Fitness Sessions on offer at the Brunswick Baths.

Q. What happens if I want to manage/cancel/renew my Triathlon Association membership or my BCB Multisport Club membership?
A. Please go to Triathlon Victoria’s membership FAQ page  – it will answer a lot of your questions.

Q. How do the group sessions work ?
A. Most of the group sessions that have coaches are run by the Brunswick Baths.  These are open to all BCB Multisport Club members as well as Brunswick Baths members. These sessions are covered by the YMCA insurance which is normal public indemnity.  All sessions run by the Brunswick Baths incur a cost which is covered by your fortnightly membership fee or 10 or 20 class pass.
Any exclusive BCB Multisport Club sessions (e.g. bike rides only open to BCB Multisport Club members) will be covered by Triathlon Association insurance, which includes personal accident insurance.  These sessions are included as part of your BCB Multisport membership and do not incur additional cost.

Q. How do I get the discount in the Gatorade races?
A. Just select BCB Multisport as your club when you register for the race and you will receive a 10% discount.